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, they are a lot better than the selection you might find at a Wal-Mart in Minnesota. Thats because only the minority could accurately be called girls, while the rest were definitely more mature. Age, the attractive one said she was 26 but she looked younger, while the other said she was 36 but could have been anything up. I dont know many guys that fantasize about 40 year old sex workers with saggy tits and stretch marks. Notice I keep saying girls/women. Theres not even a pretence of it (the website mentions masseuses but surely this is just for legal reasons). It was a little lacking in personal terms or genuine enthusiasm, but again, thats not why people go to the Eden Club. helsinki erotic massage eden club bangkok


Ultimate Pussy Edging: Remastered w/bonus footage.

Helsinki erotic massage eden club bangkok - Review: The Eden

Phone:, hours: 12:30 PM - 12:00 AM, website:. But in this case it seems only to mean that they are hardened and in a lot of cases even burned out. She had some acne scars. There are usually two dozen ladies or so on staff. Maybe, as Thais like to say, I think too much? Sure the shag is good enough, and I always get at least two loads off.

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Now heres another quirk. How and what you do is up to you. Its by no means spacious, but you dont feel like youre washing in a telephone booth, like in some of the shophouse setups. Walk about 25 metres down the soi and you will see The Eden Club on your right. After choosing your accomplices in your menage a trois, you take a lift to the room. Sex, for me, must still be with attractive women, regardless of how open minded they are.

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